• Your analysis is only as good as your data


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Online Focus is a full-service analytics agency

Our mission is to enhance the efficiency and to improve the results within the management, measurement and optimization of the digital marketing activities of our clients.

Your analysis is only as good as your data!

We strongly believe in data-driven marketing optimization but we do things in the correct order and take it step by step to ensure results! Online Focus helps its clients to put in place the right processes, people and tools, keeping in mind the business objectives and the goals our clients want to reach.

Your data is only as good as your analysis

Correct and connected data is no guarantee for success! Online Focus will assist you to focus on the KPIs that matter and to take smarter decisions to grow your online business. We help you to monetize your marketing investments, and aim for an improved ROI.

Do you need a hand with your digital analytics environment? Take a look at our services (Manage + Measure + Monetize), and let us meet to discuss face-to-face your where you are today, where you want to be and how Online Focus can get you there!

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Focus On Results


We support you to select the best solutions for your requirements, to implement according the most efficient processes, to organize your team and strengthen them with qualified people!


Turn your objectives into KPIs, and measure what is really important for your business. Start to focus on the data that matters, and integrate you web analytics data with CRM, campaign, sales and other valuable data.


Act upon your data, and optimize your online performance. This is a continuous process which should focus on your landingpages, conversion funnels, media channels, on the short and the long term.


Manage Your Analytics

Do you trust your data?

Over the past 10 years we have seen companies struggle continuously with their analytics environment. And we are not referring to issues with the analytics tools only, but many companies don’t have the right teams in place and did not apply any efficient processes to reach their goals.

Companies acquire ever more tools and services in an effort to close the gaps. But ultimately this approach backfires as more time and money is spend on maintaining the technologies and the data silos than performing useful analysis which would help the business to take smarter decisions.

Does this sound familiar?

If the answer is yes, Online Focus is your reliable partner for the short and long term. We offer specific services tailored for your needs so that marketing teams can start using correct data again and start improving your ROI! We will carefully assess your level of maturity of your digital analytics framework, and help you to outline efficient processes, build a strong team and put the right tools in place to reach your goals.


Analytics Maturity Assessment
The Analytics Maturity Assessment helps companies to understand better the reality of where they stand with their analytics project, where it wants to be and how to get there. By using the model you can identify which gaps need to be filled to meet your objectives.

Business Solution Design
We guide you with the creation of a strategy to decide what data to collect and connect in order to drive insights, business decisions and marketing investments. The Business Solution Design is your roadmap for an efficient and successful roll-out of the digital analytics framework in your organization.

Technical Solution Design
Based on the Business Solution Design we make recommendations for the best technologies to put in place, which data to collect, and where and how to connect this data. The Technical Solution Design is a step by step implementation guide for your entire measurement platform.

Data Quality Audit
We perform a detailed audit on your tag implementation, the data collection, the reporting configurations and the data connections, and provide hands-on recommendations to improve your data quality.

Tag Management
Imagine a content management system designed specifically to manage and deploy script-based tags. With only on few lines of code being added to your web pages you manage all of the vendor tags deployed across your entire site. You can quickly and easily deploy, remove, or modify any tag without entering the often slow IT processes. We help you to select to best solution and implement it together so that you can benefit from it in the future.

Training & Support
Need to train your team? We customize training courses to cover key topics using your data. And we support you when needed, on- and off-site, for operational as well as business related requirements.


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Measure Consumer Behaviour

Moving beyond static reporting

Web analytics is still about KPIs and metrics, with the goal to understand and measure consumer behaviour, and take actions to monetize. Although the traditional web analysis still apply (think: conversion funnels, campaign performance, content engagement, etc.), organizations today need to resolve their marketing challenges based on insights from visitor segmentation, customer engagement and channel attribution. They need to move beyond static reporting, towards a more advance data-driven approach.

Do you want to create insights?

Online Focus will guide you beyond static reporting and dashboarding, and help you create the insights you need to support your business decisions. Starting from the available data (owned, earned, bought, visitor data, sales data, etc.), we will build on existing results, and integrate data sources where this will bring added value for your business. Online Focus will bring your current web analytics platform to a next level!


Custom Reporting
By default the average analytics tool includes over 200 reports. However they do not always give you the ability to focus on the data sets and combinations that are of interest for your business. Online Focus will help you to define and setup the reports for customized for your business.

Data Integration
You will not gain insights from your site behaviour data only. These reports will inform you merely on the ‘what’. However by enriching this data with attitudinal data (‘why’), visitor & CRM data (‘who’), sales data (‘how much’) and other data sets that might be of value, you will be able to find the insight that makes the difference for your business.

Data Visualization & KPI Dashboards
A KPI dashboard will be the starting point for your analysis and optimization journey. Online Focus will assist you to build this dashboard to be intuitive, actionable, shareable, and interactive, with the KPIs that are important for your business.

Customer Segmentation & Engagement
Digital Analytics is no longer about visits and page views. You need to focus on your (potential) customers to engage them on the short and long term. Online Focus will help you creating meaningful segments that can drive actions.

Attribution Modeling
The customer and decision journey is not linear anymore. Therefore you can no longer build on a first- or last-click model. Applying the correct conversion attribution models will not only provide you insights on this customer journey, but will also help you invest your campaign budget more efficiently.

You have to look beyond your own data to know if your business or your digital channels are performing well. Online Focus will help you gather external data where possible, and analyze your results to your competition to get a realistic insight on your performance.

Voice of the Customer
Click behavior data tells you ‘what’ happened. Through online surveys, market research, panel discussion, etc. Online Focus helps you to answer the ‘Why’. Together with the ‘What’, this will bring you absolutely great insights!


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Monetize Your Audience

Data-driven optimization needs to become key online marketing asset

Of course the ultimate goal for every company involved in digital analytics is to take actions based on the insights they gathered and optimize their digital ROI. But only when we are confident that the collected and connected data for the defined business objectives is trustworthy, we can use the insights to take action.

Analysis and optimization should be(come) an ongoing process: set objectives, collect data, analyze, optimize, and over and over again. The optimization mindset is about becoming more pro-active, from being only re-active.

It’s all about the money!

Our goal is to partner with you to get more ROI from your analytics dataset. Based on our monetization model Online Focus helps you to

  • Measure total value of the purchases funnel
  • Understand the relativity in value of the digital actions
  • See ROI in context of your initiatives
  • Dynamically prioritize your strategies and tactics
  • Establish a business metrics for all stakeholders


Optimization Workshop
Online Focus organizes monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly optimization workshops with its clients during which different data insights and action recommendations are discussed. The outcome of each workshop is a priority list of different optimization actions to take. During next workshop these actions have been analyzed, are getting discussed together with other data insights, and new as well as follow-up actions are listed.

Through the use of Monetization Models – custom made for your business – Online Focus outlines a central guideline for the optimization and prioritization of your online site and channels. By applying Euro values to the site behavior, you will be able to measure how much money and profit your online initiatives driving to your company.

Conversion Rate Optimization
The focus for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is completely on you conversion funnel: getting the visitors to the first step of the funnel, and optimizing the funnel to ensure an increase of the site and funnel conversion rate.

Landing Page Optimization
The landing page of your traffic drivers is the most important online entry to your business, so you’d better ensure this pages is appealing and convinces the visitors to click-through towards your site objectives.

Campaign Performance Optimization
Through the use of attribution models and just common sense, Online Focus helps you to invest your campaign budgets more efficiently with the goal to attract more qualified leads.

Testing and Targeting
Online Focus helps you plan and execute in an optimization roadmap through testing of landing pages and conversion funnels, and target your audience with the right message at the right time via the right channel.


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Digital Analytics Framework

Roadmap to Success

We are not interested in lots of high-level theories and too much running in circle. We focus on what matters, on what it needs to get your company on track with its digital analytics platform.

Will this journey be easy? No. Digital marketing has become more and more cross-media and cross-device, and the customer journey goes via multiple touch-points before decisions are taken. In addition technologies have and are changing rapidly, which makes this a challenge on the implementation side of things.
Will this journey be impossible? Of course not. But you will need to do this step by step and start at the basis. It will take some time, meaning this is not done in just a couple of weeks or even months. But it is a continuous process of data collection, measurement and optimization.

Online Focus will help you with this journey following a clear roadmap:

Digital Analytics Maturity Assessment

We start with a maturity assessment of your current digital analytics expertise and platform. This assessment is done on different levels: online business objectives & KPIs, data, tools, team and processes.

This assessment will support us to outline a roadmap that will bring your company from a solid and efficient analytics platform towards a data-driven organization.

Online Focus - Digital Analytics Maturity Assessment

Digital Analytics Roadmap

The roadmap – that we outline together – will ensure that we don’t skip any steps, from the implementation over reporting to optimization, starting from a solid basis which stands on business objectives, KPIs and targets.


Online Focus - Digital Analytics Roadmap

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Best-In-Class Tools

Online Focus is tool independent. We continuously explore the market and test solutions to identify the best tools for the job. Nevertheless, based on our experience over more than 10 years, Online Focus has selected a series of ‘best in class’ solutions for different requirements within the digital analytics project.
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